It began in 1999

VIAKOM has been a leading importer and wholesaler of camera systems since 1999. The basic idea of the company is to be more than just an importer, which in practice means providing value-added services. VIAKOM offers a wide portfolio of proven and quality products, high stock availability of the entire range, technical support from certified specialists and last but not least a pro-customer individual approach. The products offered are purchased by customers across the entire market, including government. The quality of the company is also popular with foreign customers from the European Union.


The website contains a complete product range including e-shop, current news, special offers, stock availability information, detailed technical information, video demonstrations and customer support contacts.

Customer support

A qualified team of sales representatives and in-house sales staff with a personal touch. Proactive sales and technical assistance in selecting the right solution. Proposal creation, product presentations, customer service and project manager for large scale solutions. Opportunity to try out products through loaners.

Technical support.

A professional team of certified specialists with a focus on specific technologies, including expert support. Testing and service facilities at a high technical level. Expert installation of products at the client’s site. Helpdesk for technical support to customers.

Customer training.

Organisation of regular certified training courses, seminars and webinars focusing on the entire range of camera systems including the latest trends. Training sessions tailored to individual customers (topic, date and time of the seminar can be adapted to the needs of the client).

Showroom and presentation of camera systems

Showrooms where customers can view and test the latest products and market trends in the company’s modern facilities. Expert consultation of professional technical support.

Warehouse facilities

Modern equipped warehouse facilities, high availability and fast dispatch of most products. Input and output functionality check of the complete product portfolio. The company has three warehouses with ten thousand items in stock throughout the year. Cooperation with leading carriers on the Czech market. Possibility of express delivery. Regular informing of customers about the delivery of goods.

A short look back into the history of VIAKOM

1999 – Founding of the company
2002 – Started importing products
2004 – Exclusive representation of the Vision Hi-Tech brand for the Czech Republic and Slovakia
2005 – Commercial representation of the AVTECH brand for the Czech Republic Regular participation in trade fairs
2006 – Exclusive representation of the Fujinon Fujifilm brand for the Czech Republic, authorized distributor of the METEL brand
2007 – Commercial representation of the NUUO brand for the Czech Republic, sales representation of the AVer brand for the Czech Republic, Awarded by the Korean Chamber of Commerce – the largest importer of CCTV camera products to the Czech Republic. Launch of the first hybrid camera PC system for 64 cameras on the Czech market
2008 – Commercial representation of ARECONT VISION brand for the Czech Republic
2009 – Regular presentations at professional conferences and training courses. Sales representation of the Korean manufacturer TBT for the Czech Republic
2010 – Launched B2B e-shop connected with the company information system Money S5
2011 – Change of legal status of the company from a natural person to a legal entity – VIAKOM CZ s.r.o.
2012 – Start of regular webinars and Road Show in Prague, Brno, Ostrava
2013 – Authorized distributor of Ronyo Technologies perimeter protection brand Building a sales team for direct contact with customers
2014 – Launch of HD CCTV technology on the Czech market in cooperation with AVTECH
2015 – Launch of new concept of distribution company with focus on business cooperation with foreign partners
2015 – Opening of a wholesale warehouse for NUUO customers in Europe
2015 – Establishment of mutual cooperation in distribution of camera systems with HIKVISION
2015 – Opening of branches in Ostrava and Pilsen
2016 – Implementation of a new information and warehouse system, including a modern B2B web shop
2016 – Establishment of mutual cooperation in distribution of security systems with PYRONIX
2017 – Opening of a branch in Brno
2018 – Opening of a new central warehouse in Prague – ─îakovice, establishment of cooperation with CSAT metal production, start cooperation with AVIGILON and IDIS
2019 – Opening of a branch in Bratislava and expansion to Slovakia – VIAKOM SK
2021 – Acquisition of CSAT metal production and implementation into the VIAKOM group

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